Three year old

Our three year old program at Jumpstart Child Day Care Center is designed for children three to four years of age, who are completely potty trained. Children at this age are very much into peer social interactions and finding a place in the group. They seek acceptance from their peers and need a positive self-image. With this in mind, we strive to provide an environment that nurtures social skills and encourages confidence and positive self-esteem.

The classroom is divided into different learning centers that allow children to become active participants in small-group discussions and learn to use materials and activities where they experience success. Through active participation, children learn to work in groups and develop a sense of belonging where they share excitement about learning.

Children express themselves through building, art, music & movement, language and dramatic play. We help each child feel his needs are being met while respecting the needs of others.

All of the programs currently offered at Jumpstart Child Enrichment Center encourage on-going communication between the parents and staff members for the sharing of goals, expectations and problem solving essential to the development of your child.

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