About our School

Mission Statement

Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes strives to be a loving home away from home for your child. We do this by providing a center that is first SAFE and SECURE. Our center makes every effort to maintain an environment that is CLEAN and finally our staff endeavors to EDUCATE each child in the areas of Social Emotional, Physical and Academia.

Our Philosophy

Here at Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes we provide a positive atmosphere for your child. We accomplish this through our developmentally appropriate programs. Each program is designed to develop your child to their maximum potential. Our goal is to provide your child with a warm, loving and safe environment that is a balance between home and school.

“It Is Never Too Early To Get a Jumpstart on Life.” We strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to each child’s Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional development. While there is structured learning time throughout the day, we also believe that the children learn as a result of their interactions and experiences with each other during free play within the childcare setting.

Welcome and Non Discrimination Clause

Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes welcomes families, children and staff members of any race, color, sex, religion, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, marital status or age .The families, children and staff members are not restricted from rights, privileges, programs and activities made available to students. We do not discriminate in any way within the administration of our educational polices, enrollment polices, financial plan or any other school-administered program.


Our center provides an environment with many activity centers where children can play and learn. There is a mixture of quiet and active play areas, as well as areas which promote individual and group interaction. There are activities that stimulate the mind as well as activities that help to develop small and large muscle skills. We choose to view your child in terms of natural growth and development. Our staff considers each child a unique individual, and believes that mutual respect and trust is the base line for a healthy staff/child relationship.


Our teachers interact with the children, supervising, guiding, helping, laughing, listening and talking. We seek to facilitate the natural desires that the children have and allow them to explore their interests while in our care. By providing a positive and stimulating environment, we will continue to strive in developing each and every child to his/her fullest potential. Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes provides Convenient High Quality childcare services. We do not baby sit. Jumpstart is a school in which your child will be learning.


Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes provides Convenient High Quality childcare services. We do not baby sit. Jumpstart is a school in which your child will be learning.

Center Policy

Jumpstart has an open door policy where the parents are encouraged to stop in and participate in daily activities. Parents are able to freely enter the school at anytime and without an appointment. Flexible quality programs and an environment conducive to social development and learning is what makes Jumpstart the right choice for your childcare needs.

Code of Conduct

Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes is committed to helping children develop to their fullest potential; every individual who enters our door is required to treat all others and their property in a positive and respectful manner.

Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes shall not permit, practice, or inflict any form of physical punishment, verbal or emotional abuse, or denial of physical necessities for any child in attendance. Reporting requirements for suspected abuse or neglect of any child while in the care of a childcare facility is the responsibility of each staff member and required by the Department of Children and Families and the State of Florida.

At Jumpstart Child Day Care Center Miami Lakes we use constructive disciplinary actions. We believe in rewarding, praising, and using positive reinforcements when disciplining your child. We feel this will bestow in them positive self-esteem and great character. We encourage parents to use this same method at home. No foul language, name calling, biting, kicking or spitting is permitted by any child or adult at our center or on the grounds at any time.

Classroom Transitions

When a child first enrolls in Jumpstart, the child is placed in a classroom based on age and developmental level. For example, a three-year-old child that is not potty trained would most likely be placed in the two year old program. The teachers would then specifically work to potty train this child and then transition the child into the three year old program.

Transitioning from one classroom to another can be a very stressful process for a child. In order to minimize this stress, we have developed a procedure for transitioning from one classroom to another. Keep in mind that each child handles these transitions differently and we evaluate and adjust these procedures each time.